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Brenda's 34# 48" Musky
release on Sept 28, 2011

11 year old Parker Coleman
47 Inch Musky - John Dettloff Guide

Pete Rich with a 52 Inch Musky

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Below you will see the current fishing report posted on: 07/29/2018

General Conditions

Ice out was late this spring, May 5th. Water was about 7 1/2' last winter so that should help the walleye and muskie fry survival and we should also have better weed growth this season. The water level is 18" down from full and temps are 72 to 79 degrees in the shallows but very cold down deep with temps as low as 43 degrees on the lake bottom in the deep holes. Cabbage weeds are still very good in many spots for this time of year.

Walleye Report

Great numbers of walleyes are being caught on the edges of deep humps (12-16 feet of water) with jig and leech and jig and nightcrawlers. Larger ones are being caught casting the deeper edge of shoreline weeds and brush with beetle spins and crank baits and jig and twisters.

Crappie Report

Crappies are now in 12 to 15 feet of water near the bottom and are hitting well on small tube jigs, mini mites, getsits, ect. Bog edges at dusk have been producing well also.

Musky Report

The muskies started off slower this season with the late spring. June and early July were fair to good but the action was tough much of the time because of extreme water temperature swings and very warm water temps. Water cooling a bit now and the musky action has picked up the past few days. A 50"er was caught last night by Nathan McKeeth, who also caught a nice 44"er the night before.

Northern/Smallmouth Bass report

Smallmouth have been hitting well tight to shoreline structure such as brush and wood or on the shallow hard bottom bars. Northern are being caught in good numbers on the weedy shorelines and weed edges and weed beds..

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